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Plan Packages

Choose the plan that suits your needs and dive into an exciting swimming journey with Emerald Anchor Swim & Training! Each plan offers 30 minutes to 1 hour of swim instruction.


Our Base Plan is designed to provide a solid foundation for swimmers of all levels. It includes four swim lessons tailored to your skill level. Additionally, you'll benefit from a monthly assessment of your skill set to track your progress effectively. We also provide a weekly check-in progress report to keep you informed about your development. As a welcome gesture, you'll receive a special Welcome Aboard package.


Take your swimming journey to the next level with our Premium Plan. In addition to everything offered in the Base Plan, you'll receive two extra swim lessons, bringing the total to six lessons. To show off your dedication, we'll also provide you with an exclusive Emerald Anchor Swim & Training T-Shirt, so you can sport your swimmer pride.


Our ultimate package, the Emerald Plan, offers the most comprehensive swimming experience. Along with all the benefits of the Premium Plan, you'll receive two additional swim lessons, bringing the total to eight lessons. You'll also receive an extra T-Shirt and a stylish swim bag to carry your gear. As an Emerald member, you'll have access to VIP support, ensuring a personalized and exceptional experience. Additionally, you'll earn bonus anchor points that can be redeemed for exclusive loyalty rewards.

Looking for a flexible swim lesson experience? Choose our single lessons option for a customized approach to your swimming journey.

*No commitment to a full package—dive in and enjoy a lesson at a time*

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