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  • Splash, Splash, Bonding in a Flash!

    30 min

    70 US dollars

Bubble Bonding with Baby

     A Bubble Bonding with Baby class, also known as a parent and child swimming class, is a water-based activity designed for young children and their parents or caregivers. The class typically takes place in a shallow pool and is led by a certified swim instructor.

     The primary focus of the class is to introduce young children to the water in a safe and comfortable environment. The instructor will guide parents and children through a series of activities and exercises to help young children become comfortable in the water and learn basic swimming skills.


     During the class, parents or caregivers will be in the water with their child, providing encouragement and support as their child learns to navigate the water. The instructor will lead the group through various activities such as floating, kicking, blowing bubbles, and other fun games designed to help children become comfortable in the water.

     The class may also include safety instruction for parents, such as how to properly hold their child in the water and how to respond in case of an emergency.


     Overall, a Bubble Bonding with Baby swimming class is a great way for young children to become comfortable in the water, learn basic swimming skills, and bond with their parents or caregivers.

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