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Swim Lessons in your own backyard

Emerald Anchor Swim and Training strives to instill in all our students and athletes the importance of water safety and fitness. In the United States, there are approximately 4,000 fatal and 8,000 nonfatal drownings annually, equating to an average of 11 fatal and 22 nonfatal drownings per day. Our focus at Emerald Anchor Swim and Training is to educate our E.A.S.T. Families, with a particular emphasis on teaching children who are the most vulnerable to drowning. We achieve this by reinforcing our "Cast Anchor" safety rules through play-based learning before each class with our younger swimmers.

Our aim is to ensure that all our swimmers not only enjoy their time in the water, but also learn how to stay safe. Emerald Anchor Swim and Training offers an additional safety feature by employing swim instructors who possess not only exceptional skills, but are also certified lifeguards. Our instructors are genuine, detail-oriented, and caring individuals who prioritize safety during lessons, and aim to reduce incidents in and around the water.


We take pride in promoting fitness at Emerald Anchor Swim and Training, and offer a range of certified personal trainers, water aerobics instructors, and open water swim trainers. Our philosophy is that any method of staying fit is a positive lifestyle choice, and we particularly love aquatic fitness. Aquatic fitness offers a multitude of benefits, including the improvement of agility, balance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, strength, endurance, and gait. Furthermore, aquatic fitness can provide a low-impact alternative to other forms of exercise, which can be beneficial for the bones and joints.

Make your family a part of the Emerald Anchor Swim and Training family today!

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Our Mission

At EAST we are not here to claim we have the greatest coaches on the planet or relive glory days on the swim team. We also don't want to cycle through as many clients as possible.

We are dedicated to creating safe, respectful environments to foster a lifelong love of swim.

Blue Water

Our Core Values


Integrity is a fundamental value that we uphold at Emerald Anchor Swim and Training. We believe in setting high standards for ourselves in all areas, and taking responsibility for our actions. There are no shortcuts when it comes to striving for improvement.​


Innovation is integral to our program, as we aim to foster a lifelong love of swimming and fitness while promoting safety and responsibility. We seek to explore new and exciting ways to enjoy the water and help our students and athletes reach their goals.


Building stronger bonds is a key aspect of our approach, and we are committed to fostering loyalty and creating a culture of success. We are dedicated to helping our students and athletes achieve their objectives, and we believe that this shared sense of purpose helps to strengthen our community.​


We value respect and aim to create a welcoming environment where everyone is treated with patience, empathy, and cooperation. We believe that by maintaining the dignity of all individuals, we can help to improve their abilities and qualities.

Pool Locations


Roswell Adult Aquatic Center


200 Frank Lewis Dr, Roswell, GA 30075

Opening Hours


4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

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